artist rules 1/2
dear artists
please notice the following rules for your registration:
you will be informed about your showtime and the running order only shortly before the event. the basic idea of the ccc is, that the artists are present during the whole ccc. someone who only comes for his/her own performance, is completely wrong and hasn't understood what the ccc actually is about. please keep the entire weekend free and don't accept any other bookings. you are registered as soon as we have received a complete registration form, demo material and photos from you. the payment fee will be expected on saturday night. artists who have participated at the last ccc, can only register, if they want to perform in a different project (merely different programme doesn't count!). in that sense: if you performed as a dj last year, you can register as a live-act and vice versa, or you appear in a different formation.
good luck!

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